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                                COMPANY STATUTORY RECORDS SERVICE

                                Our Company Statutory Records Service for Limited Companies includes:-

                                1. Maintenance of Statutory Registers:

                                • Register of Shareholders or Members
                                • Register of Directors
                                • Register of Directors' Residential Addresses
                                • Register of Directors' Interests
                                • Register of Secretaries
                                • Register of Charges
                                • Register of Dividends
                                • Register of Debenture or Loan Stock Holders
                                • Register of Minutes
                                • Records of Resolutions

                                2. Directors & Secretary:

                                • Appointment of new Directors or Secretary
                                • Termination of Directors or Secretary
                                • Register of Service Address details

                                3. Shareholders:

                                • Allotments of shares
                                • Preparation and Issue of share certificates
                                • Transfers of Shares
                                • Stamp Duty Forms
                                • Production of Dividend Vouchers and Minutes

                                4. Compliance:

                                • Preparation and Filing of AR01 Annual Return including filing fee
                                • Preparation of Minutes
                                • Electronic Filing of documents using Company Authentication Code
                                • Registration with Companies House Protected Online Filing Scheme
                                • Dormant company accounts where required

                                All of the above is included in our company statutory records service for an annual fee of:- £225 +VAT per annum.

                                You can also view your records online and include all of the above for an annual fee of:- £450 +VAT per annum.

                                We also provide additional services including:-

                                • Provision of a Service Address for Directors
                                • Changes to Memorandum & Articles
                                • Creation of New Share Classes
                                • Changes of Name
                                • Purchase of own shares
                                • Redemptions, consolidations or conversions of shares
                                • Restoration of Dissolved Companies
                                • Production of Documents for General Meetings
                                • On line facility to view your Statutory registers and company details

                                If you require further details of our services please contact us on 01908 234703.

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